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5 B2B Software Company Websites that Have Simple and Neat Design

Requirements for running B2B Online Sales differ quite a lot from the others. It requires a website that is easy to navigate and also be able to adjust depending on whether a visitor is accessing it through a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The challenge of designing a responsive and simple website is not lost on anyone. There are lots of B2B websites, but these 5 are great examples to look at:

1. Quid.com

It comes across as beautiful and very simple in the eyes. The simplicity of this site guarantees that it would load very fast, saving the visitor a lot of valuable time. The only essential elements found on it are the few words, a button, and a logo. It is so simple so much that a nerd would quickly understand what the website stands for. Without cluttering the pages, it makes use of the space to captivate. Its simple tagline tells all the story you need to know.

2. Grammarly.com

It is simple and makes use of a flat design that fills up the entire space. It loads in quick time, and it is very responsive when accessed through a mobile phone. It makes do with functional minimalism and animation which is a good thing. The Grammarly site makes use of great scrolling.

3. Asana.com

This website does a good job of engaging its customers. It presents a perfect example of how a website can create a sense of urgency without appearing to be too pushy. While providing valuable information for the visitor, it also hints at how easy it is to get a free trial version. It engages the eyes of a visitor with its clever use of large circles with a sense of dynamism and vibrancy is portrayed with its use of animation and bright colors.

4. Zendesk.com

In a subtle and yet advanced way, Zendesk uses animation to attract attention. This strategy provides the visitor some level of fun while increasing the user experience. For instance, it draws attention by using the alligator on the Overview Page to establish a personality for the company. Ordinarily, this would have been difficult to do as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

5. Lithium.com

There are cases where you need to explain a lot of things to be understood. Lithium is a perfect example of how to explain a product in full without overwhelming the visitor. It avoided cramming a lot of links but presented what Lithium is all about, for users to scan and still fully understand what it is. Lithium validates its product and popularity with the display of a Gartner report front and center in addition to the logo of its clients.

There are lots of B2B websites out there. The ones listed here are examples of how a website can be designed to be simple yet responsive enough to satisfy the visitor to the site. It should be easy for you to spot a great B2B website as you browse the internet.

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