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Best Contact Management Software: Salesforce Review

Businesses need to have the contact details of all their clients. With more emphasis being placed on treating clients right, this aspect of the business has assumed more importance than ever before. With the help of technology, there is contact management software that helps a business with the basic details of their clients in addition to communication history insight. This affords a business the luxury of engaging effectively with their clients each time they call. One of such software is the Salesforce Contact Management Software, and its following features are quite helpful to businesses:

Chatter Feature

The staff of a business also need to be in the know of the happenings in the business. What it does is to allow business partners and coworkers to connect easily. It is also used to keep them up to date whenever there are changes in contact information and employee details. What this feature resembles mostly is a social networking page. The updates are done in real time and emailed to everyone in the network.

Contact Management

The contacts who use this software is properly managed. Every important customer detail is securely stored and can easily be called upon when required. It integrates well with an Outlook account. The advantage is that it can still be accessed even when there is no internet. This feature makes it possible to share notes, news, and any other updates you wish to with others on the account. It is also possible to select contacts which you want to follow.

Sales Tracking

After a client makes an order, this software makes it possible to know the stage where the sales process is in. This saves the staff a lot of legwork and constant calls to know if an order is being processed.

Event and Task Management

If there’s anything that needs to be done for a client, this software helps to ensure that it is done. With every important detail of a communication recorded, it is easy to retrieve the conversation that transpired and do what a client requested which may have been forgotten ordinarily. This feature helps the staff of a business to be more productive as they make use of the task management.


There are tools which help with the mass email of leads, harvesting of leads, transfer of leads, deletion of leads, among many others. It affords a user to many options of what to do with possible leads.

Performance Tracking

The performance of a product can be tracked. With this feature, it is possible to call up a particular product of a company to view its performance. By studying the information provided by the software, it would be possible to know if the product is making a profit or not.

Salesforce contact management software offers a lot of tools to help both the staff and business partners to collaborate across the organization. With features such as task management, even meetings are well prepared for. Ultimately, the client is better off for it as this software helps to make the staff of a business serve their clients effectively.

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