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Best Free CRM: Zoho CRM Software Review

Zoho CRM Software is primarily designed to help them attract customers as well as help them give clients with the best possible customer service experience. This web-based CRM Software has a contact management as its core feature. In an age where the customer is king, this software has helped businesses deepen their business relationships with their customers through the benefits that come with the contact management feature. There are so many other features built into this software that helped businesses give their customers pleasant customer service experiences.


There are many applications which businesses use on a daily basis such as Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks and so on. What Zoho CRM Software does is to integrate with these applications to offer its user more options and make the processes of the business to run more seamlessly.


The importance of attracting customers is enormous. The need to make more sales is essential for a business to expand and remain profitable. This software helps with the first stage of attracting customers which is the generation of leads. This feature makes it possible for employees of a business to get a list of leads and try to convert them to paying customers. Once the website of the business gets a visit, this software converts the visitors into hot leads. This function has helped employees of a business reduce how much time they spend in the field making cold calls. With this feature, they are able to capture a lead and the possible product of the business that is of interest.

Easy to Use

No matter how many features a software has, what matters most is how easy it is to use. With Zoho CRM, a user finds a navigation panel that is understandable. The home screen which contains as much as 10 different components can be accessed on its easy-to-use interface. Searching for items is quite easy, and it allows the dashboard to be customized to suit the taste of the user.


Every size of business benefits from this software through its ability to automate all the business activities that they engage in daily. From the tracking of sales to the engagement of customers on different platforms, this software has every aspect covered. To be sure that a user who is on the move remains connected to happenings, it has a mobile platform that provides updates fast and in real-time. This way, the user can still make decisions and be able to close deals.

Contact Management

There is nothing about a customer that misses being captured by this feature. The name of the contact, address, phone numbers, position held in their organization, conversation history, and much more. All these help a business to properly manage the account of the customer.

Improved Sales

Since the employees of the business do not spend much time in the field cold calling anymore, they now make use of the hot leads provided by this Software. This has led to improved sales. There is also an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell using the information contained in the purchase history of a customer.

Zoho CRM Software has greatly empowered businesses, large and small, by improving their customer service relationships, which generate more sales for them; and reduces operation cost like the amount spent on transport when the employees used to cold call in the field.

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