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Best Online Business Plan Services and Mobile Apps

Any entrepreneur who is serious about improving productivity would make use of the many online business plan services and mobile apps available. There are different aspects to a business such as accounting, customer relations, marketing, and so on. A single person cannot satisfy all these departments. Here are some top rated online business plan services and mobile apps designed to make the business life of entrepreneurs easier:

1. GUSTO: This finance and accounting software was formerly known as ZenPayroll. What it essentially does is to streamline the entire payroll, tax and benefits process of a business. It is designed to automate the deduction for benefits and workers’ compensation payments; email digital pay stubs to employees; handle every local, state, and federal tax filings; report new hires to the government. Currently serving about 25,000 clients, this software helps businesses manage their finance and accounting.

2. ADDAPPT: Communication is another department of a business that needs to be handled properly. This software assists businesses in this regard. To maximize the use of this software, you would need to have your contacts to use it, too. For the contacts of a business who also use Addappt, they are allowed to update their information on your address book. You may group your contacts any way you want. For those who own an iOS or Android, sending messages through this software is free.

3. CLEAR: An entrepreneur who is just starting out may not have the spare capital to hire a Personal Assistant. To better manage time, using Clear would be of great help. This management app is easy to use. It is a gesture-based app that adjusts items when they are not completed by a simple pull down of the screen, pinch and swiping the screen. With the help of this app, one can organize daily tasks and manage separate lists, reminders, and schedules created. It syncs with Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac.

4. EXPENSIFY: Keeping track of expenses can be a bit challenging. However, it is necessary to be accountable. Expensify takes away this headache from an entrepreneur. Its main function is to track expenses. To work seamlessly, it is preferable to link the debit or credit card you use to your Expensify account. It would serve the purpose of having the app place charges made on the cards directly under the expense report. Another option is to use your mobile phone to snap a shot of your receipt, and Expensify would automatically capture the relevant information. It would now take you only a few minutes to make the expense report.

5. PROVEN: Proven can be relied on in a situation where no Human Resources Department exists. With Proven, you can post your job listings to multiple job boards and be sure that your hiring would be organized, and applications sorted out within minutes. Over 1,000 businesses currently use this service that simplifies applications received under a Yes, No, and Maybe buckets. It can be downloaded on an iOS and Android device for free.

There are lots of top rated online business services and mobile apps that help businesses handle each aspect of the business that may seem to be a challenge.

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