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How To Use An Ecommerce Software for Your Online Business

The first question that arises when starting an online venture is, how am I going to manage my store? Do I need additional staff to manage inventory? How am I going to provide support to my customers? Do I need to build a custom software to manage workflow? These are some of the most common questions usually every startup raises. Today, there is much pre-built e-commerce software, and some are even free to get you started. It might seem daunting, and your head may spin. Not to worry. This article will help you learn about the advantages of using an e-commerce software, so you can be in a better position to handle your new online business.

Custom Made Software vs. Ecommerce Software

Assuming that you have worked out a plan for your online business, you might be tempted to go in for a custom-built software. Although there might be weak sales happening on the store front, vendor management, keeping track of stocks, communication may all converge and can easily exhaust you if you do not have a proper system to manage. You might even come to a conclusion, that building software from scratch is the only solution. But that’s not how it works. Custom made software demands more attention than ready-made e-commerce solutions. They can drain your money and efforts which you cannot offer to lose especially during the startup stages.

Benefits of Using an E-commerce Software for Your Online Business

Tested & Proven Software
Using a pre-built e-commerce software has its advantages. The software has been tested and has been around for long. Online Ecommerce software has been used by millions of stores and is proven to be effective in the longer run. Pre-built software is tested on every browser and device, platform and hosting environments and offers the best solutions suited for your environment. It is mostly bug-free and can just run right off the shelves.

Security is a major concern especially when it comes to the e-commerce business. Credit & Debit card transactions are involved, and you can’t afford to have any loopholes. The security threat has been a major issue in the technology-driven world and protecting your customer’s data is vital. E-commerce software provides the best security checks to prevent hacks from unauthorized users. You don’t want to be patching your software when you have to concentrate on your business

Platform Independent
Unlike custom-written software, ready-made e-commerce software provides the flexibility to move from one host to another without much downtime. If you are using a popular e-commerce software, your hosts might probably be aware of the software and might have provisions for smooth transitions.

It Costs Less
There are plenty of e-commerce software that is cheap, yet delivering the best solution. Some are even free and outperform the paid versions. The majority of the businesses say cost is a major deciding factor in choosing the software. Gone are the days, and you don’t have to burn your pockets in purchasing software licenses. PrestaShop and Opencart are a couple of examples of the best-known e-commerce software which are free and run by thousands of online stores and business.

Easy Payment Solutions
Most of the e-commerce software out there are pre-built with multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout and more. Additional payment gateways can also be installed with just a few clicks. All you need is an account with the gateway provider. No matter where your customers are, accept orders in any currency and convert them to your preferred currency. Providing additional payment methods including accepting over a dozen credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill can be advantageous to your business.

Inventory Management
Managing vendors and stocks could become a problem without a software. Communicating with your vendors, sending sales orders, and stock management can also be automated using e-commerce software. Automated stock management eliminates errors and can immediately take your products off the shelf when the stocks are out.

Customer Management
The most crucial and lifeline of any business is its customers. Maintaining customer records, communicating with them to provide timely updates about their order, shipment status, issue tracking, refunds, all constitute customer management. Manual maintenance is the cause of many major problems as you may at times fail to respond to customer queries. Without a software, your business will be doomed in no time.

Easy Set Up
Most of all, e-commerce software solutions allow you to setup your store in no time. You can step up your online business lightning fast with just a few clicks. You don’t have to be an expert in the field. E-commerce software is all loaded with tons of easy guides and tutorials to help anyone setup an online business in minutes.


Every day thousands of new online businesses are emerging. A majority of them are e-commerce businesses, and they all depend on one software or the other. E-commerce software reduces development and implementation time, saves costs in running and maintaining the software, offers the widest range of features like no other. Ultimately, the goal is to offer our customers a safe and trustworthy environment to shop. Using an e-commerce software for your online business can substantially reduce setbacks and can take your business to the next level.

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