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LivePlan Review: Best Business Plan Software

There is no argument on the need to make a business plan before embarking on one. Preparing a business plan is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks that a would-be entrepreneur encounters. LivePlan, a cloud-based business plan software was designed to assist entrepreneurs in drawing up their business plans. To make it both interactive and easy, it makes use of video tutorials to guide the entrepreneur. People are assisted in writing business plans even when they know nothing about professional business planning because of the following LivePlan Business Software features:


This feature makes it possible to export the one-pitch page created to PowerPoint to help you make your presentation to your team of investors. This one-pitch page contains key business strategies, competition, and so on. It is necessary because getting a team of investors aboard to back your business plan needs a good pitch for an effective and professional communication of your business idea.


LivePlan has over 500 sample business plans collected over the years from successful businesses to help and inspire others in making their own business plans. By going through the sample plans available on its software, you can personalize it in a way that best suits your business. It also has a step-by-step instruction on how to write a business plan. Other aspects of writing a business plan such as financial forecasting, sales forecasting, industry benchmarks, among others are thoroughly covered.


This feature uses a Scoreboard to display the insights your business needs in order to grow. This scoreboard operates as a business intelligence dashboard. It also integrates with applications such as QuickBooks Online and Xero to keep your accounting system connected to save you the hassle of making data entries. With the scoreboard, you can compare the reality of your financials to the projections that you made in your business plan. When you meet with your team, it is also used by them to analyze the numbers. This strategy helps to keep everyone focused on the business goal of sustaining and growing the business. With this feature, you do not need the rigor of spreadsheets.


Every data stored on this software is confidential and treated with a bank-level security. The security feature of this software is one reason why entrepreneurs make use of it. Users of this software are guaranteed that their data is safe and private with no slight chance of being compromised in any way.


This feature acknowledges that entrepreneurs have teams that they share their business plans with. This explains why this feature is designed to help the team share information that concerns the business. Through the collaboration of your team, it is possible to create and manage forecasts and budgets. While it allows for the creation of multiple plans, it is also accessible anywhere since it is cloud-based.

LivePlan Business Software is widely used for its extensive business plan features.

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