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NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Review

Small and medium-sized businesses rely on Netsuite CRM Software to help them deliver an amazing customer service experience. This cloud-based CRM allows information to flow seamlessly from the generation of leads to post sales support. Its capability to provide businesses with a 360-degree view of their clients in real-time is one unique feature of this software. In many ways, this software offers a lot of benefits to businesses.

Contact Management

Like any traditional CRM, this software helps businesses to securely store the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of their clients. This makes it possible for businesses to access the communication history of their clients as well as the roles of their clients in their organizations. It also affords the staff of all the departments access to the timeline of all the interactions made with a client.


Businesses which use this software experience an increase in productivity. This is made possible as the software helps businesses to track the activities of their employees. Nipping downtime at the bud is one way that productivity is improved. Employees are monitored through the use of functions like the task completion ratio and progress reports. Since employees can view Netsuite’s incorporated group calendar, it provides a platform for them to monitor each other’s to-do list as well as present an opportunity for them to show off what they have been able to accomplish.

Conversion of Leads

With the way Netsuite allows information to flow freely, it helps the entire customer cycle to be transparent. Employees of a business are able to access leads through this software. With the help of the software, it follows the whole process from the opportunity a lead presents to converting them to clients who make orders up to the final stage of giving them the customer support which they require.


When leads generated are converted into paying clients, the sales of business increases. What employees do is to spend less time making cold calls on the streets to using the software to increase sales by upselling, forecasting, and managing commissions. Businesses benefit more as employees who initially spent more times in the field become more productive which results in their making more sales.

Improved Management

Netsuite makes it very possible for a business to track every single activity made by their clients or visitors on the website of the business. Though the software may not be able to pick up the identity of the person, its ability to record the cyber paths which they take is of great value. The reason is that the information can be used to improve sales. For instance, a study of visitors’ cyber path would reveal what products of the business generate interest.

The many features of the Netsuite CRM software are very useful to businesses. One can put a department of a business to task to access the history and information of a client because every member of the business can view the timeline of a client. Its advanced capabilities have helped businesses drive growth and revenue.

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