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Top CRM Software: OnContact CRM Software Review

The OnContact CRM software helps businesses to communicate between departments. It streamlines customer service and improves sales efficiency. The software comes with inventory and employee management features making it easy to access information from different devices. Further, users can access information from a single screen thanks to the centralized dashboard. The software is commonly used in insurance, healthcare and technology industries. Let me walk you through OnContact CRM Software Review in details;


Unique customization tools

The software features extensive customization options and can be modified to fit specific company requirements. Users can add, change or remove software fields. Further, they can create their own unique pages that match the business requirements. This ensures each department has its own customized experience. On the other hand, one does not require extensive customization fees or in-depth knowledge of computer programming. The sidebar folders and upper-screen tabs make it easy to access information. Also, vital customer information can be stored on one central screen. All you need is simple computing skills.

Marketing management

OnContact CRM helps the user develop and integrate marketing campaigns. The software uses powerful searches and tools to target the desired audience quickly. For instance, you can use the built-in features to create lead sources and budget tasks. The software allows one to monitor results in real-time and shares the information within the departments in an organization. Secondly, users can set up the sales pipeline and bill the clients using the software. The OnContact CRM software is designed to guide the user through day-to-day operations like sending emails, sending notifications, scheduling appointments, etc.

User interface

The software comes with an easy to use interface. It’s easy to find your specific tools since the drop-down menus are organized. This ensures employees can give reliable information to clients. It’s easy to use and runs on different platforms.

QuickBooks integration

OnContact integrates with QuickBooks to quickly access financial information. Through the user-friendly platform, one can view the status of customer payments and create invoices. The software helps in eliminating double data entry and manages financial data in real time without leaving the CRM application.


Through OnContact mobile app, users can access data from their mobile devices. It’s the easiest way of making sure the business stays in touch with customers. Employees are able to access information from clients without making any contact. Besides, you will get information on who has accessed your website and the traffic that comes with it. This helps in getting the right people in the right places.

Intelligent customer service

Customer issues are resolved more quickly. Customer representatives are equipped with the necessary tools to deliver solutions accurately. Contact information is available to users to enhance communication and relationships with clients. One can chat with the customer support personnel in case of any problem. For those who want to learn about OnContact, they can access step-by-step instructions. Online training is available to those who wish to integrate the software into their business. However, those who want to access the basic function can visit the FAQ section for quick answers.

From the above OnContact CRM Software Review, it’s clear that sales people can now organize their day-to-day activities and connect with prospects more efficiently.

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